Daily Rent a Car

MARFI OTOMOTIV which continues gain ground to be the leading brand in the operational rent-a-car sector in our country, provides fast and safe services with its experience in the sector, strong financial structure, wide range of vehicle fleet, service network and professional team.

MARFI OTOMOTIV customers do not only rent a car but also receive a detailed and professional fleet management service. The rent-a-car service which starts with the correct analysis of customer wishes and needs, develops solution alternatives in accordance with the business models of companies from different sectors and creates a difference with unconditional customer satisfaction.

With vehicles of all brands and models sold in Turkey, MARFI OTOMOTIV offers operational renting services to companies of all scales, from SMEs to corporate businesses and individual customers regardless of the number of vehicles demanded. 


Company Marfi Otomotiv A.Ş.
Address Eyüp Sultan Mah. Doğu Çevre Yolu No:104 Merkez Kahramanmaraş
Phone 0 (344) 236 30 10
Website www.marfiotomotiv.alfaromeo-jeep-bayi.com
Email marfiotomotiv@alfaromeo-jeep-bayi.comwww.marfiotomotiv.alfaromeo-jeep-bayi.com