Iskur Group provides its customers with a wide range of options by its productions of various numbers and fibers in its four different open-end yarn business, one vortex yarn business and two ring yarn business one of which is in Kahramanmaras Central Campus and the other one in Diyarbakir central campus.

With our open-end yarn capacity of 12.312 rotors in total, we produce 75 tons of open end yarn a day and with our capacity of 98.424 spindles we produce 62 tons of ring yarn a day.

The ring yarn facility widely reflects the quality and human-oriented approach of Iskur. This facility is an exemplary business with its infrastructure, machine park and social departments.

With this facility, our company is among the leading manufacturers of ring yarn. Bold number denim yarn, core-yarn, shantung, carded yarn between Ne 20/1 and 40/1, combed cotton between Ne 20/1 and 80/1, supima, viscose, tencel, organic cotton yarn are produced in the facility.

Iskur Group has been improving itself to keep up with tough conditions of competition in terms of infrastructure and capacity since it started to operate in 1990 and this puts is in a strong position in yarn manufacturing with our experienced work power and modern machine park.


Company İskur İplik
Address Genç Osman Mah. Recep Tayyip Erdoğan Bulvarı İskur Tekstil No 98/A
Dulkadiroğlu / KAHRAMANMARAŞ
Phone 0 (344) 236 20 00
Website www.iskur.com
Email [email protected]