Knit Fabric

Knit fabric, which is an important part of our integrated facilities as Iskur Group, is the most commonly used fabric in sportswear. Ready-wear made of knit fabric has the biggest share in Turkey’s ready-wear exportation.

We are of the opinion that in short and medium term we have an advantage in the competition of ready-wear made of knit fabric. This has lead us to invest in knit fabric and knit fabric culture.

We own a modern knitting facility which is capable of meeting diverse customer demands and turn out high quality threads into fabric. We have a cutting edge technology machine park in our facilities which enable us to serve with a diversity of production such as Supreme, Supreme Elastane, Double Thread, Double Thread Elastane, Triple Thread Interlock, Rib, Rib Elastane, Punto Milano, Punto di Roma, Camisole, Single Piqué, Crepe, Rapport and Thessaloniki.

Our fabrics offered to national and international manufacturers of fashion and quality ready wear are dispatched to over 30 countries in 4 continents.

We carry out the finishing processes of our fabrics in the dyeing & finishing facility which is one of our main domains of investment in the recent years.

We dedicated ourselves to producing world-quality threads and fabrics for our customers.



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