Solar Energy

As Iskur Group, one of our businesses which we believe is important especially for Turkey’s economy and which we believe contributes greatly to our country and our company is Solar Energy Systems which is one of our renewable energy investments. It is a first in Turkey where roof lifting and field type systems are used together and it consists of 3.339 panels of 72 cells with 300 W power and has a capacity of 1 MWp (1.001,7 kWp) and produces 1,64 GWh of electricity annually.

On this path we set out in order to protect the natural life foundations of the society as Iskur Group, our investments in solar energy systems in Kahramanmaras and Diyarbakir locations continue to contribute our country’s economy in a fast and stable manner.


Company İskur Tekstil Enerji Tic.Ve San. A.Ş.
Address Genç Osman Mah. Recep Tayyip Erdoğan Bulvarı İskur Tekstil No 98/A
Dulkadiroğlu / KAHRAMANMARAŞ
Phone 0 (344) 236 20 00