President`s Message

ISKUR, which started its activities with cotton trading and ginning activities in 1990, is continuing its way with strong steps with excitement and belief on the first day in today&39;s from spinning to knitting, weaving and denim fabric, from dye to ready-to-wear, in all field of textile sector and agriculture, energy, automotive and plastics sectors

Today, from the day when we took over the flag as the second generation, our aim was always to present the finest quality in the best conditions. We believe that the new generations, who will take over the flag after us, will have the principle that quality is a tradition of ISKUR.

As the ISKUR family, we continue to work diligently in the direction of our new goals and targets from the other side while experiencing the happiness of reaching the targets we have put years ago.

ISKUR, which has become a fully integrated facility in the textile sector and is one of the few companies in Turkey in yarn-fabric production, became an important power in the region with the investments it made in other sectors. The goods we produce by adding our labor and love represent the best quality and name of ISKUR ideally  in 4 continents over 30 countries.

ISKUR always taking internal and external customer satisfaction into consideration raises the welfare level of the employees, suppliers and customers, it always prioritizes benefits of society with projects it did in social responsibility framework.

Every member of ISKUR family growing continuously with confident steps in a planned and programmed way is quite precious for us. We are aware of that the most important fund is intellectualist fund and our sources the lightest to development is human.

ISKUR companies will continue to play a loadstar role in all sectors that it was active as until today with its quality and people-oriented manner of rule after that. We have no doubt that the next generations after us will carry the flag with the same consciousness.

Thanks for our staffs working with self-abnegation, our customers, suppliers and all partners.

Best regards,
A. Kadir Kurtul

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