About Us

ISKUR established by A.Kadir Kurtul in 1990 and gained an assertive seat to itself in production, industry and marketing sector at short notice is entire of managements taken part in one of the top 500 companies in Turkey,also got strong in local,regional and global scale day by day.

Firstly, ISKUR going into action with production of cotton, gin and cotton oil is one of the largest fully integrated manufacturing companies in the Turkish textile sector nowadays, has  an important player in other sectors and serves in many destinations in domestic and abroad with thousands of employees.

ISKUR, which is growing rapidly with quicksteps from established day to today, increasing its capacity and expanding its sales network, today operates in many different sectors. ISKUR drawing attention with its wide and quality of customer network on global scale exports to more than 30 countries in 4 continents.

ISKUR exporting more than 75&49; of its products to abroad gets export awards on various platforms every year with its marketing company while it is on the list of &39;&39; Turkey&39;s Top 500 Industrial Establishments &39;&39; with its production companies.

ISKUR, a family-owned company, has become a tradition that has been handed institutional and production knowledge down from generation to generation.

ISKUR has adopted a management culture that is compromising, seeking solutions and people-oriented as a management. Also, in ISKUR, the tradition of the family-owned company is integrated with  production and management conceptions accepted in global scale.

ISKUR has adopted the production concept that global standards are dominant in the sectors in which it operates and has adopted perfectionist intellection with the given services before and after sales in markets it services.

ISKUR has given an important mission to the corporate culture, based on its production quality and productivity, with its support to its social responsibility projects; has always been an exemplary group with facilities taking into service in health and education fields, donations and sponsorship.

ISKUR contributes to improve the wealth level of the region society with social responsibility strategy besides it has always be reminder the importance of development from social and cultural aspects in the parallel of the economic progress.

ISKUR, one of the leading groups in the production sector in Turkey in the short term and acting as a family with its employees, customers, suppliers and social environment, will continue to announce its name with its new plans and projects, investment targets, growth targets in both local and global scale.