ISKUR GROUP has been aware of Human Resources which is the first element of the keystones of the rapidly developing and changing competitive superiority from the first day of its establishment and acts with this consciousness.

In all our activities, we have determined to increase and improve the value of excellence and high performance as the main principle. We sincerely believe that equal working opportunities should be provided regardless of age, gender, nationality, race, ethnicity, religion, political approach and physical condition.

It is our basic aim to provide a qualified, peaceful and warm working environment where individual and corporate values are shared by looking out for the moral and material rights of our employees.

We are aware that prioritizing and improving commitment to company by following a transparent and equal management policy for our employees is the basic criterion for the protection of brain power we have.

We have the basic principles to protect the leadership in the sectors by keeping our aim constantly,to provide permanent differences by creating differences and to be a world brand and to share this success with all of our employees.

On the way to become a world brand; ensuring equality of opportunity among all of our employees by improving the motivations of them constitutes the precipitation of our human resources approach.

Our Policy of Human Resources created with this vision; Iskur Group aims to supply with necessity of manpower in the direction of its strategic plans and targets and to ensure that this power should be evaluated with the most efficient way and to provide its continuousness.

In the direction of our policy; providing training and self-improvement opportunities to our employees, maximizing their productivity by creating career maps constitutes our basic principles in this long way

This policy being in the first place, it is our basic policy to review all our human resources applications according to the conditions of the day,to update them and to provide improving continuously by keeping them in a dynamic structure.